Science in the HS 50 years ago A “space cleaner” a necessary post in the future

In June 1971: By 1990, there would be about a million wreckage in space, creating a risk of collision on orbiting orbit, a Soviet newspaper recently predicted.

The military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (red star) considered it necessary to develop “space cleaners” to solve the problem of space sanitation.

The paper also predicted that space rescue patrols would have to be set up in the future to provide assistance in the event of astronauts becoming ill, spacecraft breaking and colliding with meteors or other ships.

“The number of man-made fibers and other objects in the space around the earth is increasing from year to year. According to current forecasts, about a million people will orbit the earth in 1990 to send a solid object weighing a total of 100,000 tons, ”wrote Krasnaya Zvezda.

“Many of them will eventually turn into cosmic debris that poses a risk of collision. The problem can be solved with special Flying Devices, whose job is to act as cleaners and clean up space. ”



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