School violence | When old school bullies approached Juho, 30, from Pori, in a bar, something unpredictable happened

Juho Välitalo hadn’t been to Pori Lyseo’s yard since the end of middle school. “Nostalgic feeling, not in a good way, but not in a bad way either. I am you with myself and my experiences.”

Juho Välitalo, 30, who grew up in Pori, and Pia Kiviharju, 44, who was born in Honkajoki, now tell what it was like growing up being bullied at school and what they themselves have tried to do differently as adults and parents.

Elina Valkonen Satakunta Kansa


Juho Välitalo, 30, Pori

I stammered and I was darker than the others.

I haven’t come up with any other explanation for why people started yelling at me and calling me names in elementary school. I am completely Finnish by descent, but primary school children do not have the kind of culture or empathy to be able to understand that not all Finns are life poisons.

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