School graduates | Rockets went off and alcohol flowed at the underage party

According to the police, the end-of-year celebration went quite peacefully in the capital region. Alcohol, large gatherings and brawls kept the authorities busy.

The closing day On Saturday, the celebrations went quite peacefully in the capital region.

In Helsinki, the police decided to clear Kaivopuisto of revelers before midnight. Thousands of mostly minors had gathered in the park, and according to the police, the risks of disturbances grew unnecessarily large. For example, the young people had shot fireworks in the middle of the crowd.

General manager Timo of Vyborg in the evening and at night, some disorderly behavior was encountered, but serious violence was avoided. During the evening, the police had to intervene in the case of alcohol use by young people, especially minors, and for example in Kaivopuisto they ransacked the backpacks of young people.

East-The evening and night were lively in the Uusimaa police area. The police registered a total of 273 alarm calls between 5:00 PM and 1:00 AM on Sunday. These included, among other things, delivering intoxicated young people to their parents’ hospitals, investigating abuse between young people and monitoring gathering places.

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The Itä-Uusimaa police followed the evening’s events on their Twitter account.

During the evening, the police confiscated fireworks from several young people. At the Leppäkorvi land-based swimming pool in Vantaa, the police seized suspected narcotics from a young person.

in Espoo the evening was mostly peaceful. In the early evening, one person was arrested in Espoonlahti, who was suspected of passing alcohol to minors.

General Manager, Crime Commissioner Jasper Uskin according to the report, the young people had gathered at the Mellsteni beach in Kivenlahti, which was also actively monitored by the police.

During the evening, the police in Western Uusimaa seized, among other things, an air pistol, edged weapons and pepper spray from the young revelers, according to the police’s Twitter account.

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