Scams Did you receive a text message informing you of the incoming voicemail? Traficom warns of spoofing messages containing malware

As early as the beginning of June, Traficom’s Cyber ​​Security Center warned of a malware called Flubot that had been spread via SMS.

Transport- and FICORA Traficom warns Finns about scam messages that contain a link to malware. Released by Traficom on Tuesday in the bulletin instructs you not to open the link in the message or download the file contained in the link.

According to Traficom, a person receives a text message notifying them of an incoming voicemail message. Opening a link in a message may result in malware, phishing, or subscription messages.

Based on reports received by the agency, scam messages written in Finnish are currently sent to an estimated thousands of Finns

Traficom instructs that if the malware called Flubot has been installed, the device should first be reset to factory settings. You should then restore the backup that was made before installing the malware.

In addition, you should change the passwords for the services that the device has used. Traficom instructs you to contact the operator due to any paid messages sent from the subscription, as well as to the bank if the device has used a banking application or processed credit card information.

Traficom’s Cyber ​​Security Center warned already in early June from an Android malware called Flubot spread via SMS. However, the number of notifications decreased at the end of June and the warning was lifted. Now the number of notifications is said to have started to increase again.



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