Santa Fe: Fabián Sambueza thanks fans for support


Fabian Sambueza

Fabian Sambueza, Santa Fe player.

Fabián Sambueza, player of Santa Fe.

Good memories the player had.

Fabián Sambuena got into the hearts of Santa Fe fans. And he is one of the Junior players who has put his face forward, after having played with Unión Magdalena in the semifinal of the Betplay Cup.

The Argentine explained that the dictatorship of the result kills all efforts: “what happens is that football is reduced to just winning. That match we lost with Union de Santa Fe (Copa Sudamericana), we arrived three times and in one rebound they scored “We kept attacking and another goal came out of nowhere. In the end, the same thing happened with Once Caldas. Yesterday, Unión Magdalena kicked twice. These are things that we have to improve, try to reinvent ourselves, take advantage of the situations we have and be stronger defensively because They come to us twice and they score,” he said in a chat with Caracol’s Vbar.

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Santa Fe?

And he added: “To get out of the crisis, the best way is to talk, to clarify the points that are not firm; second, to support one another, not only by mouth but all in the same tune; a barbecue always works because there people know each other better. people”.

Sambueza is key in Junior,
but the cast from Barranquilla has been highly criticized, since it has not given the expected results.

With nostalgia, he remembered when he lived that mystique: “The place where I had the most support when I went was in Santa Fe. The boys went to the headquarters and supported us. We were all one, we were able to pull it all off. Yes, we lost the final, but we managed to come out together”, he concluded.

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