Sanctions HS investigates backgrounds of boats arrested in Finland: Traces of luxury yachts lead near Putin, Russian electricity giant and tax havens

In Finland, pleasure yachts are maintained, whose home countries include Panama, the Seychelles, the Virgin Islands and Jersey.

Helsingin Sanomat Based on the reports, there is a connection with the President of Russia in the background of the yacht being maintained in Finland Vladimir Putin related parties.

Standarte is one of the vessels detained by Customs that is in winter storage in the hall of Kotka Yacht Store.

Customs has reduced the value of the boat to EUR 1.2 million. On the international sales website, the request for the model is clearly higher, ie EUR 2.7 million.

The black vessel is 34 meters long and has a Tecnomar Velvet 35. The crown logo is affixed to the stern of the boat above the name. The interior presented on the boat manufacturer’s website also exudes a royal atmosphere.

Also in the name is the havina of history: Russia’s last tsar Nicholas II’s the family used the imperial yacht Standart.

The stern of the Standarte boat is decorated with a crown. The ship has been in traffic both painted red and almost black, as in this picture. Screenshot / Yuri Konjuhov

HS: n according to information, the ship has been whispered in Putka’s boat circles to belong to Putin. When Standarte was imported to Finland a few years ago, special care was taken in its handling, says HS, a person working in the local boat industry. According to him, a member of the ship’s officers had said that the boat was connected to Putin in Kotka.

The ship was transferred to the port on the deck of the cargo ship. According to the source, it was also exceptional that there were employees inside the Standards during the trip as well.

Standards ’movements in the waters cannot be studied from the Maritime Traffic Information Service because the boat cannot be found at all in Marine Traffic data.

To customs The St. Petersburg conglomerate SVS has been registered as the importer of the Standarte boat.

Its address is in the prestigious area of ​​Kamennoostrovsky highway. Some of the apartments in the building have been renovated into luxury apartments for the rich.

In 2018, the Russian magazine The Village told how a resident of a house, without oil Sergei Vasilyevillaused to park his Lamborghini sports car in the yard of the house.

It is clear from the Russian business register that SVS, which is listed as the importer of the Standarte boat, is run by Sergei Vasilyev’s brother. Boris Vasilyev. He also heads Upravlenie Aktivami, which operates the oil terminal in St. Petersburg.

Oil terminal is the deep core of St. Petersburg’s bandit history. Access to the terminal business made Sergei Vasilyev, a former boxer who also sat in prison, an eccentric.

Oil and other raw materials were traded through the port of St. Petersburg even before the break-up of the Soviet Union in cooperation between city officials, the security police, the KGB, criminal organizations and legitimate entrepreneurs. In the ruins of the Soviet Union, a group of St. Petersburgers owned a wealthy oil and port business.

Founded in 1995, the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal Company brought its owners fabulous riches. A significant part of the figure was played by then-Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin.

There was also a close friend of Putin inside the terminal project Gennady Tymoshenko. Timtchenko, who took over the Kirishi oil refinery, later became a Finnish citizen and billionaire.

HS called SVS to inquire about the ownership of the Standarte yacht, but the number was not answered.

The interior of the standards can even hold meetings.

To the detainees the motorboats also include a Sunseeker 115 vessel called the Daria. It arrived in tax-free winter storage in Kotka on October 4th.

The 34-meter Daria is positioned in the super yacht category on the boating site.

The price of Daria has been estimated by Customs to be three million euros. International websites selling luxury yachts have a much higher demand for the same model, ie EUR 5-8 million.

The Republic of Seychelles has been notified as the seat of the vessel. The island nation is located in the Indian Ocean about 1,600 kilometers east of the African continent. Daria has hardly ever visited the Seychelles, but even this ship has been flagged in a tax haven for tax reasons or to cover up ownership.

more detailed studies of Daria’s background point to a link to one of Russia’s largest electricity grid companies.

Dotsport Ltd, which has an address in Seychelles, has been notified to customs as an importer of Daria. ICIJ tax havens information leak site it turns out that a dozen other companies are registered at the same address.

Some of these companies are united by the fact that they own two tax haven companies: Ventura Settings and Impera Group. Among the owners of these two companies are also two companies that sound interesting in Finnish, Olavinlinna Invest and Suomenlinna Inter.

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Broadcasting MOT program Already in 2013, it investigated these companies, whose address is Mannerheiminaukio 1A, Helsinki, which is marked in the data leakage data. However, no such companies were found at that time.

There are also three Russian personal names in a small cluster of tax haven companies opening through Seychelles ’address.

According to HS’s reports, these persons have, at least in the past, held positions of responsibility for the Russian energy company Rosseti. Rosseti is one of the most important electricity network companies in Russia.

Fotinia is suspected of belonging to former Russian Prime Minister and President Dmitry Medvedev. The picture is from the boat’s storage place in Kotka.

Finland Customs vessels detained there are a total of 21. Customs are currently investigating their possible links to individuals and entities on the EU sanctions list.

Customs embargo bans and freezing facility freezes are based on EU sanctions on Russia, which were extended following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

One of the vessels has already been the subject of a more severe measure, namely the freezing of the bailiff. That is the former prime minister and president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev combined with Fotinia. HS news March 4 that Fotinia will be stored in Kotka.

The connection of the ship to Medvedev said Alexei Navalnyin, a Russian opposition activist The FBK Foundation’s research team in 2017. According to an extensive study, the 32-meter Fotinia actually belongs to Medvedeville, although on paper ownership is organized behind the corporate chain.

HS news previously based on location data that Fotinia was moving in Russia last summer. In June, the boat was in Kostroma for about two weeks, near the Medvedev luxury mansion on the banks of the Volga River.

Fotinia has been in winter storage in Kotka for several years.

The purchase price of the Princess yacht has been publicly estimated at ten million euros. According to Finnish Customs, the value of the boat is EUR 6 million in autumn 2020 and EUR 5 million in autumn 2021.

On the boating industry website, the Princess 32M is called a super yacht. Guests stayed in five luxurious cabins. The crew has their own cabins.

Fotinia also hides a large salon with a long table that seats ten diners.

Last November, Flying Fish was brought to the hall of a company operating in the Loviisa port area for maintenance. The ship’s six cabins can accommodate 13 guests.

Amusement yachts is also stored in the port of Loviisa in the hall of Yachtcare Finland. The winter storage has three vessels of about 25 meters and about 42 meters Flying Fish luxury yacht. Loviisa Sanomat according to all boats are banned.

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Flying Fish arrived in Loviisa on October 4th. The ship is a familiar guest in Finland anyway. It is attracted attention while visiting Helsinki at least in the summer of 2015–2017. The real owner of the luxury yacht is believed to be Russian.

The Flying Fish, completed in 2013, has six cabins that can accommodate a total of 13 guests. The yacht has a crew of seven. The ship is decorated with bamboo and gold oak, among other things.

The ship, worth about 16 million euros, flies the Cayman Islands flag and is owned by Imperial Yachts of Monaco. Georgetown in the Cayman Islands is marked as the yacht’s home port.

Notably smaller than previous ships is the Princess 72 yacht.

Rose is estimated by Customs to be worth EUR 1.5 million in autumn 2020 and EUR 1 million in autumn 2021.

Although the 23-meter Rose winters in Kotka, it is registered far away in the Caribbean tax haven, the city of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

International sites selling luxury yachts charge up to € 2.5 million for the same model.

In the eagle a EUR 1 million Roing vessel will also be maintained.

International sites that sell luxury yachts charge up to three times the price for the same model.

About 26 meters long Roing is a model Azimut 82.

The four cabins can accommodate ten guests. This boat is also registered in the British Virgin Islands.

A total of 13 boats are in storage in the Kotka Yacht Store hall in Kotka, which are banned or seized during forced investigations.

In addition The Kotka Yacht Store’s customs warehouse has eight vessels of less than one million euros. Their statistical value has been set by Customs at EUR 100,000–800,000.

The ships are domiciled in the tax havens of Panama, the Seychelles, the Virgin Islands, Jersey and Montserrat. In addition, two vessels are registered in St. Petersburg and one in London.

Customs has informed winter storage depots that boats must remain at the dock.

If the Customs establish in their own declarations that the vessels belong to a compulsion list, they shall go to the processing of the collection facility for freezing.

If such connections are not detected, Customs will release the vessels for normal use.

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