Salibandy | Two-meter “fire blanket” didn’t help – Classic’s Sami Johansson again in the flames of the F-League finals

The Oilers put their line-up in a whole new faith, but the performance was still just as muted.

Oilers – Classic 1–6

Profits 0-2

Esport Oilers have so far been without a chance in the F-League finals against Classic. The people of Tampere claimed a 6-1 victory from the away field and are now leading the series 2-0. Four wins are required for the championship.

Leaderboard of the playoffs Sami Johansson scored another goal for Classic again.

The attacking star has been unstoppable since Nokian KrP’s goalkeeper Jesse Kanerva psyched him in the second match of the semifinals. Kanerva aired his team’s victory generously in front of Johansson’s nose.

“It always makes more sense to win when a guy does that,” Johansson said.

Those few shots that didn’t hit the goal were fired by the Oilers goalkeeper Joonas Kaltiainen to the helmet.

“Would a guy have a bigger mask there,” Johansson wondered after four helmet shots.

Lassi Torisevan the zero game at the other end was just over three minutes away.

Oilersin Rasmus Kainulainen suffered a one-match ban after tackling Classic Jussi Pihaa in the first final match.

With absence and an ugly 9-1 spanking coach Heikki Luukkonen had put his team on pack completely new.

Each field slice in a trough in a new composition. Kainula’s place in the top chains was believed to have been experienced Casper Pfitznerin hands.

Any However, the Oilers chains were not able to work wonders, and Classic controlled the course of the match almost to the point. The game was clinical, at times even machine-driven.

The blackout of the number one chain led by Johansson was pushed to two meters Ilari Talvitien responsibility.

“Johansson has been in such flames that we tried the largest possible fire blanket we can find. I think Talvitie took good care of its own bakery, ”Luukkonen commented.

Classic has raised its performance to new spheres after experiencing difficulties in the semi-finals against Nokia KrP. The 4-3 finished series taught the team a lesson in humility and overcoming adversity.

In the finals, the challenge is still lighter than KrP. The third match will be played immediately on Friday in Tampere.

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