Salibandy | The women’s league semi-final team SS Rankat Ducks showed the door to head coach Turunen

Floorball SS Rankat Ducks from Oulu, who are playing in the women’s F-league semifinals, have been released by the head coach Petri Turusen coaching responsibilities. The decision is special as Rankat Ducks play through the best of their history.

The Oulu team is currently playing in the semi-finals against the Porvoo Floorball Club. The people of Porvoo lead the series with 2-1 victories. Turunen was already on the sidelines on Wednesday, when Rankat Ducks lost at home to PsS 1–6.

On Thursday, the Oulu club published a bulletin about the kicks.

“Timing the decision was by no means optimal, but a solution had to be made in order to guarantee the team peace of mind during the settlement stages of the season. The differences between the team’s and the head coach’s views on gambling and coaching had drifted to the point that no more conditions could be found for the continuation of the cooperation, ”the club manager Jani Laukko informed.

In the future, the responsible coach of the Duck Ducks will be a member of the coaching group Karo Kuuhari.

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