Salibandy | The final goal’s superiority goal decided the first floorball final for SB-Pro – “It’s been such a craft we have this year”

The women’s F-League final series started as usual with a home win.

SB-Pro took the first fix at his home field in Nurmijärvi towards the floorball women’s F-league championship, when it knocked down the Porvoo Floorball Club’s final series 6–2. The captain scored the decisive 5-2 lead in the third set Karoliina Kujala by force majeure.

Before the 5–2 goal, the SB-Pro had snorted one two-minute superiority with no result. Before the second superiority of the coach Aki Vilander pulled his superiority five to him for a moment.

“It was mainly meant to get superiority to the level of training that the ball moves and the players move. It’s been that kind of craft we have this year. Now came the paint in a good place. We are pleased that it (superiority) was 50%, ”Vilander said.

Despite clear readings, PsS was an occasional more dominant party and led the game 2-1 after the opening round. There was room for improvement for both.

– We were still a little careful playing. We still had a pretty mediocre game, which has rarely been enough against Porvoo. The right moments were effective, Vilander thought.

The most effective of the match were SB-Pro’s Karoliina Kujala and Meri-Helmi Höynälä.

Kotietu has been a trump card in the teams ’encounters this season. SB-Pro took the victory for the fourth time in its home hall, but on Sunday the series continues in Porvoo, where PsS has been clearly stronger with goals 7-4 and 8-2.

“Of course, its (home advantage) significance would be bigger if there were 700 spectators here and a full hall in Porvoo. We now have to think about approaching Sunday’s game because we’ve been gambling pretty bad there. Yes, this will be more resolved between the ears than on the flip chart or somewhere else. The importance of a home advantage can also be big, ”Vilander thought.

Vilander has finally got a decent taste in the playoffs himself. The semi-final against TPS went home at home.

Vilander says there was a corona infection in his close circle, which is why he was away for two weeks, even though he had a negative result.

“The regulations of the authorities were respected and did not go awry,” Vilander said.

Four wins are required for the F-League championship.

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