Salibandy | Sweden accused Finland of spying until the origins of the camera in the exercise were revealed: “We had a good laugh”

The assistant coach of the floorball team Mika Kohonen commented on the outcry after the match in Latvia.

Finland the floorball national team was not embarrassed by the scam charges in Sweden on Saturday but handled their last first-round match victoriously.

After a hard start, Latvia fell 7-2. As the group winner, Finland will advance directly to the semi-finals, which will be played on Wednesday. The opponent will survive later.

Swedish broadcaster SVT reported on Saturday that the Swedish national team suspects the Finnish team of espionage. In the western neighborhood, Finns are said to have photographed Sweden’s Friday exercises without permission.

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The International Floorball Federation (IFF) is investigating the matter.

Finland national team assistant coach Mika Kohonen told after the Latvian match what the undercover episode was all about. There had been a camera on the side of the field, but not brought by the Finnish team.

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“It turned out today that it was a carpet camera for commercials and more. There was a Gopro camera when the ads and the carpet were put in place. It had been in the corner, and there were not even any currents on, ”Kohonen said.

Mika Kohonen wondered about the Swedish accusations.

The Swedish accusations were taken to the national team booth with humor.

“Good laughter we got. A lot has been seen during my career and now this one has also been experienced, ”Kohonen grinned.

“Since August, Sweden has been systematically trying to scramble and manipulate judges. I guess this is some kind of psychological warfare then. I just don’t understand the benefits of this. Or they just excite them. ”

Kohonen wondered what Finland would have found out of even Swedish morning training with the help of a camera. On the morning of the game day, teams rarely hone their patterns.

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“There was probably a few cycles where you take a little sweat and then stretch. I guess there was something so damn good about new stretching movements that they were afraid. ”

Latvia against Finland changed to a goalkeeper Joonas Kaltiainen, for whom the match was the first at the World Cup level.

Kaltiainen got the worst possible start in the match after Latvia Armands Savins whipped the ball over to the free kick into the top corner after 28 seconds of play.

Latvia’s lead lasted as much as 17 minutes. The team hung up with a close defense, although its own attacks quickly pushed into a clumsy ball handling.

It was still only a matter of time before the dam would break and Finland would succeed. Eventually Rasmus Kainulainen and Ville Lastikka took the home team in a 2-1 lead.

Another Finland fell asleep again in the free kick situation, and Edgars Purins brought Latvia back to levels. The struggle of the guests lasted a total of half an hour, after which Finland went about its expenses.

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The Latvian bench still enjoyed little success. When Janis Ragovskis robbed Lastikan and Janis Salcevics stopped two penalty shots, the bench was genuinely rejoiced.

Finland’s best scorers had scored two goals in the match Sami Johansson and Justus Kainulainen as well as two entry points collected Mikko Hautaniemi.

The match was watched by 2,307 spectators at the Helsinki Ice Rink.

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