Salibandy | PSS tied the women’s floorball final: “It was decided not to start playing”

TPS crashed reading 5-2.

Dominant The Finnish women’s champion PSS leveled the floorball F-League final against TPS to 2–2 on Friday in Turku. Porvoo Floorball Club PSS took the away victory with 5–2 goals (1–0, 2–0, 2–2).

The match series continues on Sunday in Porvoo. Four victories are needed for the championship.

“Good game from us,” PSS captain Inka Lampinen rates the game in a floorball association bulletin.

“The first two games of the little one were watched in this finals, and there was no driver. Then it was decided whether to start playing. The last two games have followed well-agreed things. It has been possible to enjoy and press less than the racket. ”

Fanny Holmberg and Ella Sundström scored two goals for PSS and Jasmin Saario one hit.

Jenna Saario finished both goals for TPS.

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