Salibandy | PSS equalized match wins in the women’s floorball finals: “We went hard and got to play well in the frame”

The Porvoo Floorball Club recharged its emotional state to a new level in the second final of the women’s floorball women’s league.

Porvoo The floorball club’s home time in the floorball women’s F-league playoffs held up on Sunday as PSS evened out the wins in the second final match with SB-Pro. PSS has never lost in the playoffs in Porvoo. On Sunday, the SB-Pro crashed 4–2.

In Saturday’s first final, SB-Pro succeeded in scoring twice after depriving the attacking head, but the Porvoo team had found lost ball security after sleeping overnight.

In the opening goal of the match, the second field of the PSS dismantled the SB-Pro’s bitterness and Henna Uljua decided a handsome attack.

“Saturday was timid. You can always put it on the spike of excitement in the first game, and the semifinals did the same thing. Now there was good ball security, we dared to play and keep the ball, ”analyzed the PSS coach Jukka Kouvalainen.

The second batch was taken by PSS Julia Turusen and Annina Levälammen with paints 2–0. The home side worked hard to get through the middle and as a result, had a good chance of getting one back as SB-Pron tried lifting the ball over keeper Juulia Kataja eight, PSS Arla Salo zero.

In the final round, both hit once more, but the people of Porvoo kept one step ahead.

Martial arts was at a completely different level in the second final. Kouvalainen was pleased with the look of his team.

“A really good game, very in control and a different emotional state compared to the first game. We went really hard and started to find the feeling that could not be offered yesterday. We went hard and got to play well in the frame, just the final spirit, ”Kouvalainen said.

Despite the convincing performance, the people of Porvoo must be able to break SB-Pro’s home advantage in the series by some means. In Nurmijärvi, PSS has lost all four games this season. In order to win the championship, the people of Porvoo must win the guests at least once. The series continues on Wednesday.

“This emotional state must be maintained. We need to stay on the ball and be active. At the same time, their hard change of direction gaming must be boring, ”Kouvalainen thought about the keys to seeking a guest win.

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