Salibandy | Oilers came from behind again and won the first semi-final: “It would be nice to sometimes lead”

TPS was happy with the game for one minute.

Match series changed, but the Esport Oilers continue their third-round rise in the F-League playoffs. The first semi-final against TPS turned 6 to 5 for the Oilers after extra time.

Winning goal scorer Santeri Lindfors wouldn’t be happy to grate every match through the hardest formula.

“Let’s just say it would be nice to lead sometimes,” he said after the game.

The settlement hit arose right at the beginning of the overtime when the nephew Jesperi delivered the ball to the goal.

“I don’t know if it tried to feed me or if it escaped the ball. I don’t always know what it’s trying to do. At least it doesn’t usually feed me, ”Santeri joked, praising his brother right after.

On overtime there was only one team in the trough. The Oilers tried to put the game in the jar as early as the end of the actual game time, even though they were playing undercutting. Underpower goals were also in a big part in the semi-final against Westend Indians.

“Goalkeeping is always on the mind, then we are more or less in the trough,” the coach Heikki Luukkonen praised the courage of his team.

If the home team was brave, the visiting TPS withdrew the long pieces of the match. Commander of the Turku people Janne Kainulainen was very disappointed after the game.

“I take a lot of my own spike. I didn’t get the team prepared well enough. We were sheep at the beginning and sheep at the end. ”

“Spiritual hardness should be our strength. It was not seen today. ”

Oilers dominated the match for the first half hours, but then something completely inexplicable happened. TPS tied the match with two goals in 11 seconds and moved to a 3-4 lead a minute later.

There were three fielders in the trough, all in turn scoring a goal. Each attack ended in the Oilers network.

“It was a good snippet. It should be the only good part of the day, ”he scored two goals for TPS Mikko Hautaniemi said.

The opening goal of the series hit by Hautaniemi was a real gem. A surprising shot from a small angle whispered the goalkeeper Joonas Kaltiainen over the shoulder to the finish. The man’s second hit of the evening came from a direct shot from quite a distance.

“If that kind of lair leaves, no one will catch it,” he threw. Self-confidence did not falter from one loss.

TPS: n played in the number one chain Eero Jalo slipped and twisted his ankle right at the start of the match. The game was whistling across the field and the striker groped grimacingly for the substitution. In the second round, Jalo tried to return to the field, but the ankle could no longer last.

The second match of the series will be played on Monday in Turku. Four wins are required to continue.

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