Salibandy | Karoliina Kujala decided in overtime

SB-Pro from Nurmijärvi took second place in the women’s floorball league championship.

Nurmijärveläinen SB-Pro took second place in the women’s floorball league championship when it knocked down the Porvoo floorball club in an exciting third final. Karoliina Kujalan with extra time paint 4-3.

Pro now leads the final series 2-1, and four wins are needed for the championship. The fourth match is scheduled for Saturday in Porvoo.

PSS fine-tuned the opening round and got Ina Lemisen due to two colds, tries four minutes of opening paint even with superiority but couldn’t get a built quality finish. However, the home team succeeded at the end of the round twice when Laura Hietamäki first snatched the opening goal in the top corner after cutting off the PSS feed in the attack area and soon to read 2-0 again after the ball was won in the opponent’s area.

Match got a surprising turn in the middle of the second set when SB-Pro scored both goals Jaana Lirkki got into the shower because of a red card. He hit the back of the PSS goal with speed at the opponent, who remained on the floor holding his head. In a five-minute dominance, PSS managed to narrow once.

SB-Pro failed to increase their lead with their own superiority, and six minutes before full time, PSS came to levels. Linda Törnqvist served free range after a free kick to the back post, where the Swiss defender Celine Stettler had sneaked past the ball from the front corner past Juulia Katajan.

Two and a half minutes before the buzzer Aino Tuokkola and Meri-Helmi Höynälä won the ball in the corner, and Tuokkola put it on the back post Aada to the Great Forest. PSS goalkeeper Arla Salo still stretched the soaring defense, but Isometsä broke the lead from the second ball.

At that, Höynälä was noted down for a hat trick! To Ella Holmberg, which fed transversely, and Ella Sundström brought the people of Porvoo back to the levels.

On overtime the game slowed cautiously. SB-Pro was tested when first defender Ina Leminen and striker Aino Tuokkola were helped out of the trough because both ankles were twisted. However, Ina Leminen made a spectacular save Hanna-Mari Österberg got it hit on the back pole, from which Karoliina Kujala directed the solution.

“It was a very intense and player game at its best,” said Aada Isometsä Ruudu, who scored SB-Pro’s third goal, in an interview with the Floorball Association, according to a press release.

“It was rage, joy and sorrow but now at the forefront of joy. We dropped out of the players for various reasons and hopefully get as many more to the game as possible. But it was also seen that whatever happens, we will fight to the end. At the beginning we might have slept a little, but the second installment got a good deal and already looked like our game, ”PSS Anniina Levälampi thought.

“The goals on our own were largely our mistakes when we left the center with that free player. These games are won with 60 minutes of intact performances, small naps don’t pour yet, but whole batches can’t afford to pass. ”

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