Salibandy | Henri Johansson made a handsome history – 600 regular season paintings full on Saturday

Johansson, representing Nokia’s KrP, hit the Oxygen network twice.

Floorball Nokian KrP playing in the F-league Henri Johansson, 35, made a handsome sport history on Saturday, the Floorball Association reported.

Johansson was the first ever player to reach the 600 regular season goal in the floorball main series. The festive paint was created in Jyväskylä by Oxygen Network.

At the end of the pass, the ball Markus Laakson Johansson, who shot behind his back, narrowed the readings to 2–1 in the time of 26.12. Preliminary work done Joona Rantala.

Happee eventually won 7-5 and cut the winning streak of the KrP’s seven matches. Johansson, who spent the evening with two goals, nailed the final scores in 59.00.

The F-League posted a video of the historic goal on its Youtube channel.

If the video embedding does not appear in your browser, you can view it from here.


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