Salibandy | For the women’s F-League finalist, a two-match ban on a severe head-to-head tackle

SB Pro defender Juulianna Sotala tackled PSS from Julia Turku in the second final match.

Floorball the main series disciplinary officer has sentenced SB Pro to the F-finalist Juulianna Sotala a tackle on the end of the two-match ban.

In the second final match, Sotala tackled PSS Julia from Turku miles in time 52.47.

Turunen was aiming for the ball in the low game position, when Sotala, who came to the situation from the right from behind, hit his head with his left arm from Turku. Turunen fell to the ground and was slightly injured.

The match the jury did not punish Sotala for the situation. The situation was dealt with by the match supervisor’s video investigation request.

“In the case, the contact has hit the head, the situation has a cutting line, a hard pace and unobstructed visibility to another player,” the disciplinary officer explains. penalty in its decision.

SB Pron according to the defense, this was pure damage to the game situation and there is no need for an additional penalty. The disciplinarian saw the situation differently

“Sota had the opportunity to play the situation safely, for example, by running straight towards a loose ball. Now Sotala is making a small change of direction towards Turku and thus Sotala’s running line will be dangerous for Turuse. The responsibility of a player coming from behind or from a dark angle is special precisely because another player is unable or unable to receive contact. It’s a ball-aiming situation or not. ”

The final series of PSS and SB Pro is in the situation 1-1 after two matches. Four wins are required for the championship.

On The tackles have been the subject of heated debate in floorball this season. Executive Director of Floorball Association Pekka Ilmivalta intends to convene a wide-ranging group after the period to discuss the need to amend the rules of the species.

A couple of days earlier Westend Indiansin Niko Laiti got a concussion after the Esport Oilers Ilari Talvitien the shoulder hit him hard with the head in the F-League semi-finals.

Talvitie survived the situation without punishment, and the disciplinary officer found nothing to point out about the situation on the basis of the current rules.

Correction on April 20 at 12.10 pm: Juulianna Sotala is pictured on the left, not on the right.

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