Salaries Tehy accused City of Helsinki of wage cartel in MTV broadcast – Deputy Mayor Sazonov: “The allegation is insane”

According to Helsinki Deputy Mayor Daniel Sazonov (Coalition Party), employees are free to choose their employer.

SocialTehy, a trade union for health and safety, accuses the City of Helsinki of illegal conduct in the labor market.

Done by Chairman Millariikka Rytkönen made the allegations on Thursday night MTV’s After Five in the transmission.

According to Tehy, the City of Helsinki would have entered into an agreement with Terveystalo, Mehiläinen and Pihlajalinna, according to which health giants would not recruit nursing staff working in the City of Helsinki.

Alliance According to the information received from their members, employers would have informed jobseekers that they could not be hired due to an agreement between the City of Helsinki and private health giants. says Tehy magazine.

The procedure would impede wage competition in the sector and the free movement of workers, and would thus amount to a de facto illegal wage cartel.

Tehy announces that he will make a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. According to the association, the City of Helsinki violates the constitutional prohibition of discrimination and the employee’s right to earn a living by choosing a job.

Rytkönen according to the wage cartel there is strong evidence.

“The City of Helsinki has made a deal with Terveystalo, Pihlajalinna and Mehiläinen that these three companies do not hire employees from the City of Helsinki at all. This is such an illegal hustle and bustle that we will naturally take this forward, ”Rytkönen told MTV

Helsinki War Service Area Director interviewed in the program Maritta Haavisto did not directly deny the matter to MTV, but did not believe that such an agreement had been reached.

Helsinki Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs and Health Daniel Sazonov (Kok) vehemently denies Tehy’s accusations.

“Rytkönen’s claim that Helsinki is involved in the cartel is nonsensical. He makes harsh accusations as light throws, as is typical of the trade union movement, ”Sazonov commented to HS in an email.

According to him, employees are free to choose their employer, and the choice is not restricted.

“As a city, we want to be the best possible employer for caregivers. We work for it every day, ”Sazonov continues.

“As for Helsinki’s purchasing services, Helsinki is buying more staff from companies in order to secure functional services for Helsinki residents. In these cases, of course, there is no point in returning this additional staff from the City of Helsinki to the City of Helsinki, but only through a private company. ”



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