Salaries Statistics Finland: Women’s income is higher than men’s only in the 18–20 age group

According to Statistics Finland, men have higher incomes than women, but also income disparities.

In men has higher incomes than women but also larger income disparities, Statistics Finland notes on his blog.

Statistics Finland’s chief actuary Kaisa-Mari Okkonen writes in the blog that the median personal net income of women in the second year was 20,920 euros and that of men 24,910 euros. The median income of women was thus about 16 percent lower than that of men.

The highest income age group was 44-year-old men, born in 1975, and 43-year-old women, born in 1976.

In 2019, the income gap between women and men was relatively largest among those aged 65–77. In this age group, women’s incomes were one-fifth lower than men’s.

The differences are smallest for 21-year-olds with very low personal incomes on average, € 11,850 for women and € 11,360 for men. Only in the 18-20 age group did women have slightly higher personal incomes than men.

Revenue the income inequality calculated on this basis is smaller for women than for men. When women and men are divided into equal income groups, the proportion of women is higher than that of men in low- and middle-income groups.

The number of men is clearly higher than that of women in the income groups belonging to the highest income quarters. The proportion of men is higher the higher the income group. In the highest-income quarter, women make up about 36 percent. In the highest-income five percent, only one in four is a woman.

The value of the Gini coefficient, which measures income inequality, was 29.0 for women in 2019, while the coefficient for men was 36.0. The larger the income differences, the greater the Gini coefficient. The coefficient gets a value of zero in a situation where everyone’s income is equal, and a value of one hundred when one income recipient gets all the income. The income gap between men is widened by the number of high-income men.

The data are from Statistics Finland’s income distribution statistics for 2019.

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