Salaries Leo-Pekka Tähti knocked out his coach’s request for a salary – Chairman of the Finnish coaches: “Not a huge surprise”

The star now considers his use from previous years to be “outrageous”. Finland’s number one golfer Sami Välimäki pays his coach Timo Karvinen a salary, part of which comes as a commission from the player’s prize money.

Finland Chairman of the Coaches Association Jorma Kemppainen is not surprised that one of the most successful top Finnish athletes of the 21st century Leo-Pekka Star refused to pay his coach To Juha Flinckled by the Star had already won two gold medals at the Paralympics.

The issue will be raised in the Star published on Saturday in the biography Leo-Pekka Star, written by Satakunta People ‘s sports journalists Harri Laiho and Juha Luotola.

The book according to Star rightly pulled properly the “peas in his nose” when Flinck asked for a salary for the first time at the start of the third joint season.

It’s about was from a few thousand euros. Before that, the duo hadn’t talked anything about money. Flinck had received small monthly allowances through the then Paralympic Association.

“The coach doesn’t have to pay money!” Star stared according to the book and found the request unreasonable.

A break of a couple of months followed until the Star came to its senses. Now the Stars are ashamed of that episode.

“Juha had worked selflessly in front of me. My behavior sounds pretty outrageous, ”Tähti said in an interview with STT.

Kemppaisen the case sounds “pretty familiar”.

“After all, coaching as a profession is a really young and fresh thing. I understand why Lepe has worked like this, but it is not a huge surprise that this is the case, ”Kemppainen told HS on Saturday.

According to Kemppainen, many coaches of individual sports do their work with a big heart and on a voluntary basis.

“However, it is done practically without pay. Even those who can do it professionally work with quite a bit of money, ”Kemppainen said.

Finland Kemppainen, who works as an expert in the Sports Federation, knows the world of athletics coaches best.

Kemppainen knows that the personal coach’s fee is based on an agreement between him and the athlete.

“Athletics is in a relatively good position for top athletes, but there are also national team-level athletes who live on very low incomes. They can’t make up a terrible amount of it, nor do the clubs. Yes, that lack of resources is screaming. It is by no means any professional sport. It is quite common for coaches to do something else, ”Kemppainen said.

Repeat from the Finnish point of view, the extreme is golf, which is one of the most financial sports in the world.

Playing on the European Tour for the first time Sami Välimäki is one of Finland ‘s most earning individual athletes at the moment. During his income period, Välimäki has already earned about 560,000 euros.

When Välimäki asked Espoo four years ago Timo Karvista At the end of the first meeting on the subject, according to Karvinen, there was also direct talk about salary.

“In our sport, it goes so that before an athlete has reached the main tour level, it’s about a so-called contract salary. It is a fixed monthly fee on a case-by-case basis, which is determined according to the use of time, ”Karvinen told HS.

Timo Karvinen (left) and Sami Välimäki in practice at Nokia River Golf in September 2020.­

When Välimäki went on the main tour last autumn, Karvinen’s salary changed.

“That’s when it pretty often becomes performance-based, meaning it’s based on a player’s success. Sami wanted the commission share to be quite small. We have a combo that consists of a base salary and a small commission, ”said Karvinen, whose commission is a certain percentage of the athlete’s prize money.

Karvinen estimates that in another global and money-rich sport, tennis follows largely similar practices.

“When we talk about a large international individual species, those practices are international.”

In golf the player’s caddies’ commission-based reward is also better the better the player’s success.

“For me, it’s going the other way. The more a player earns, the more in a way that commission percentage decreases, ”Karvinen said.

Karvinen reminds that in golf, earnings only make sense when the player is on the main tour. Before that, you are on the verge of being able to support yourself.


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