Sailing Janne Järvinen, who was in a rage in Katiska, called the Olympic sailors to Tokyo

There has been no tension around Sinem Kurtbay and Akseli Central Olympic sailing.


Olympic sailing There has been enough uproar around the Nacra class since early spring. The soup began after the Olympics Sinem Kurtbayn originally selected as a pair Janne Järvinen was sentenced in April to two and a half years in absolute prison for his involvement in a large-scale Katiska drug tangle.

The verdict is not final, but still the Olympic Committee decided not to choose from the Lakes to the Games.

Shortly thereafter, the soup boiled over whether Kurtbay and his gastis were invited Axle Central to compete on a Nacra 17 boat owned by Järvinen in Tokyo. It has become Finland’s most talked about boat.

Initially, Järvinen banned the use of his boat until he came to other atoms at the end of June. In between, last year’s Olympic medalist Georg Tallberg already had time to get a new 35,000-worthy boat for the Tokyo duo, which now hangs as an empty pledge.

Tensions have been wild. And Kurtbay and Central don’t even try to deny it. On Friday, in the info of Finnish sailors in Tokyo, the duo admitted challenges due to enough Katiska noise.

“The last few months have been difficult, there has been a lot of adjustment of all kinds. This whole situation has been challenging, but I won’t start commenting on it any more,” Kurtbay said.

Suddenly one could imagine that tensions might have messed up the gap between Järvinen and Kurtbay and Keskinen. However, when IS inquired, it became clear that Järvinen had unexpectedly been in contact with the duo and, at least according to Kurtbay, in a very positive spirit.

“Janne has called us here too and encouraged us a lot. Everything is fine,” Kurtbay said.

The duo the opening start in the fast-paced and spectacular class is next Wednesday. The boat borrowed by Järvinen is familiar to both.

“The boat is working well, and the preparatory training starts here have also been promising. We also know these waters already, because we have competed in the World Cup here, and there is no other advantage for that,” Keskinen lined up.

“You have to be really careful in the race with the waves.”

Departures for sailing nacra-17 class on 1-3 Wednesdays from 8.35 to 12.00.

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