Sailing Ari Huusela has a nightmare moment in the icy sea: “It was the most horrible jeep of my sailing career”

The Finnish skipper had to drift too close to the iceberg boundary, and he was forced to make an awkward downwind turn.

Sailor Ari Huusela experienced gruesome moments at the Vendée Globe on Friday.

He had to do a jeep in the South Pacific by boat, downwind. In hard seas and waves, the task was almost impossible.

Eventually, Huusela got the boat turned and headed for Cape Horn, the tip of South America.

“It was the most horrible jeep in my sailing career in the South Sea [sijainti 57S 98W]. The wind blew in a gust of 45 knots in a massive wave. The weather has been really hard. I haven’t had much nap in a day, ”Huusela said.

The translation was successful without damage. Huusela was forced to change direction radically when the iceberg boundary set by the race organizers began to meet in the south.

“I used the right moment that came when the wind fell for less than 30 knots for a moment [15 metriä sekunnissa] and everything was ready. I even put on my helmet. ”

Brisk the wind continues on saturday. Huusela is 750 nautical miles, 1,300 kilometers from Cape Horn, which he expects to reach on Monday during Finnish time. On Thursday, he calculated he was at Cape Horn on Sunday.

“Situations are changing all the time. Now it is calm for a while, and as you approach Cape Horn, the wind rises again, ”Huusela said.

Leading the race Charlie Dalin has already turned his boat towards the goal of Les Sables d’Olonne, to which the Frenchman has a distance of 2,700 kilometers. He will probably score next week.

Huusela’s goal only looms more than 14,000 kilometers away.

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