Saab | Unto Ylitalo has kept Saab in its garage for more than 30 years, with even the factory’s protective plastics in place – This is what the 1989 car looks like, which is like a brand new

Jarno Saarinen is a car enthusiast who recently bought a Saab 900 in fire condition from its original owner Unto Ylitalo.­

Unto Ylitalo Kannus has always sworn in Saab’s name. The eye blade he cherishes, the 31-year-old Saab 900, is like new and has driven only 9,600 miles. How is it possible?

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In the online car is selling the Saab 900, a car model very familiar from previous years. This car is a burgundy, classically shaped Saab with a 2-liter petrol engine.

The price, however, would seem to be drastic. Most 900 Saabs cost a few tonnes, but this 1989 car is being asked for € 24,900.


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