Russian missile attack leaves 5 wounded in town near Poland

Smoke outside Lviv after a Russian airstrike, this Saturday| Photo: EFE/EPA/Wojtek Jargilo

A Russian missile attack on the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine and about 90 kilometers from the Polish border, left at least five wounded, regional officials confirmed. The head of the military administration of Lviv province, Maksym Kozytsky, reported the preliminary number of wounded and confirmed the attack with at least two missiles, although three explosions were heard in the city.

The military chief warned of the risk of another missile attack, urging residents of the city and the entire Lviv region to stay in shelters until the alert is lifted. The military authority indicated that the attack took place at 4:30 pm (local time, 11:30 am GMT), coming from the city of Kryvyi Rih, in the southeast of the country, where much of the fighting in the war against Russia is concentrated.

The blasts took place northeast of the city, according to Ukrainian portal Ukrinform, although the city government has not released more precise details about the exact location of the attack, for security reasons. Authorities also urged the public not to share videos or photos of what happened, along with the message: “Remember that Russian intelligence receives 90% of its information from social media.”

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In just over a month of war, Lviv – considered the country’s western capital – remained far from the conflict, although the region received two other attacks: a missile against a military base that caused 35 deaths; and another, days later, against the city’s airport, leaving no casualties.

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