Russian attack Ukrainian carpenter Igor Subotiak, 46, left his job in Finland and sailed on Tallink’s ship on Sunday to defend his homeland: “We have no choice”

Subotiak has been renovating Finnish homes as an interior carpenter for four years, but now he has left his job and switched from a peaceful everyday life to an uncertain future.

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On Sunday in the afternoon Ukrainian interior carpenter Igor Subotiak sat in Tallink’s ship with his bags. The direction was from Helsinki to Tallinn.

“Hi, hi, hello,” Subotiak answers the phone.

Subotiak does not have any regular recreational trips to Estonian spas, but is destined for front in Ukraine. The 46-year-old carpenter is going to defend his homeland.

“The war in Ukraine is a big and terrible thing,” Subotiak says on the phone.

And that war with Subotiak is now going on. The war, which many believe began on Thursday but which, according to Ukrainians, has lasted for eight years.

“Now everyone believes what we have known in Ukraine for a long time.”

Line is bad at sea and crackles a little.

“Women and children. Russia needs to be fought. We have no choice, ”include Subotiak’s sentences, which are sometimes interrupted.

The journey from Subotiak to the port of Tallinn continues by land. “The guy has his own bus,” Subotiak says, and he’s going to get on that bus.

There is a bus ride in total nine Ukrainian men. The direction is the same for everyone.

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“I don’t know guys. We will get to know each other on the way. ”

The car will head south from Tallinn through the Baltics towards Poland, from where it is planned to cross the border and reach the Ukrainian crust.

Line crackles again, and at times Subotiak sighs deeply. He cannot say where he is needed in the Ukrainian forces. The location could be, for example, a national guard under the Ministry of the Interior.

He has no weapon. Yet.

“I was in the military a long time ago, 25 years ago. It will be clear on the spot, ”says Subotiak.

After crossing the border, the first direction is the corners of the house, the small town of Kolumyja in western Ukraine, where the carpenter’s wife and adult children live.. The home team has already participated in national defense missions. Subotiak thinks it will get there Monday evening.

When it comes to family, Subotiak grows up in gratitude.

“Thank you for giving everyone help to Ukraine now. But what is the cost of war for Ukraine? No one knows.”

Subotica has been renovating Finnish homes as an interior carpenter for four years, but now he has left his job and switched from a peaceful everyday life to an uncertain future.

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“It was a good thing. Finland has a good state, a good salary, can live and there is peace. Finns are friendly people, ”says Subotiak.

The Finnish language is slipping, although sometimes the words disappear. “Repeat,” Subotiak asks a little bit when the language barrier rises unnecessarily high.

Russian the attack has been followed by Subotiak from Ukrainian and European channels but also from other sources – for example, by calling his acquaintances. So there is some information about the future.

Not every piece of information can be believed but must be checked. There is a lot of lying. How to say it now: this is a hybrid war. Putin lies to everyone, ”says Subotiak.

“Now everyone believes what we have known in Ukraine for a long time.”

Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday, and immediately Subotiak made the decision to leave. However, preparation for departure took time. The car on the loan had to be returned and the bills paid.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back,” Subotiak says.

“It’s been impossible to sleep because that’s what you think all the time. After all, no one could have thought that this could be possible in the 2020s, ”says Subotiak.

“The Ukrainian army is punching the Russian army.”

Subotica admits that he is intimidated by the future.

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“It scares everyone. Just an idiot wouldn’t be scared, but I’ll say a second time: We have no choice. I can fight to the death. ”

Subotiak says Ukraine is not afraid of Putin or the Russian army.

“The Ukrainian army is strong and is punching the Russian army. We show the world what is good in Ukraine, people and good soldiers, ”says Subotiak.

Then Subotiak speaks again about Finland, a country he already knows well.

“If Ukraine can’t stand it, Finland will be next. Fortunately, Finland knows what Russia is, “he says.

A ship is coming to port soon. It’s time to stop.

“Hi, hello and greetings to the Finns,” Subotiak shouts into the phone. However, he does not end the call but makes two requests.

“There are good people in Ukraine and we are defeating Russia, but we need guns all the time. We hope everyone understands, ”says Subotiak.

The second request concerns this interview.

“Can you write there to finish that Glory to Ukraine. Do you understand? Long live Ukraine! ”

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