Russian attack Hartwall terminates marketing agreement with Helsinki Arena – billboard is currently being removed from the wall

The Helsinki Arena was opened in April 1997. Hartwall has been the main sponsor of the hall since the beginning.

Hartwall has terminated the marketing cooperation agreement with the Helsinki Arena.

The arena has been called the Hartwall Arena since its completion. The ice rink, which opened in April 1997, has served as the home hockey and concert venue for the Jokers hockey team. The hall has hosted the spring 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and the World Ice Hockey Championships.

Jokers The Helsinki Arena, which serves as a home hall, was transferred to Russian ownership in the summer of 2013, when the Jokers were sold to the KHL hockey league.

The Hartwall Arena is owned by a Russian Roman Rotenberg. The hall passed into his ownership in the fall of 2014.

Prior to this, Western countries had added Boris and Arkadi Rotenberg as well as the Russian-Finnish oligarch Gennadi Timtšenkon to its list of sanctions. Of the trio, Tymchenko and Boris Rotenberg were on the U.S. sanctions list at the time, Arkady Rotenberg on both the U.S. and EU lists.

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Roman Rotenberg is the son of Boris Rotenberg.

Last The Russian-launched war in Ukraine has led many sponsors to break away from the hockey team Jokers.

On Tuesday, for example, the restaurant group Restel said it had begun negotiations to divest its business at Hartwall Arena.

“We will start negotiations to terminate the agreement and change negotiations in accordance with the Co-operation Act immediately, and we aim to exit the business as soon as possible,” says Restel’s CEO. Mikael Backman in the company bulletin.

Previously, the personnel services company Barona and Bar Ihku have left Jokerie’s partners. The direction is similar for other companies.

The news is being updated.

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