Russian attack | Association: Five Finns were wounded in the battle in southern Ukraine, three in the hospital

Kasper Kannosto, chairman of Your Finnish Friends association, says that the wounded have shrapnel injuries and concussions.

Finns a group of fighters had to return to an enemy base from a mission in southern Ukraine on Friday and was wounded. Five out of eight Finns were injured.

Three Finns are still being treated in the hospital, two were released after the examination.

“They suffered shrapnel injuries, concussions and sprained ankles when they ran for cover,” says the chairman of Your Finnish Friends ry Kasper Kannosto for HS.

The association says it supports Finnish fighters in Ukraine.

Kannosto has spoken with the injured and says that they were surprised that no one was worse off in the situation.

“They were sure someone was going to fall.”

About volunteers a group of fighters was going to evacuate soldiers who had come under indirect fire. In this case, the Finnish group itself came under indirect fire, in which five of them were wounded.

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Kasper Kannosto himself has not been in Ukraine to fight, so he emphasizes that he is only a messenger.

“I got permission from the soldiers to tell the above things.”

Kannosto does not disclose any other information about the fighters for security reasons.

Your Finnish Friends collects donations to Ukraine and equips Finns fighting there.

“However, equipment is not given to just any person from Matti, but we have to be sure that everyone who is given equipment is also going to Ukraine.”

According to Kannosto, in practice aid matters are usually handled through familiar contacts.

“It’s based on trust.”

He was the first to tell about the wounded Finnish fighters Over.

Finns volunteer fighters have been wounded in Ukraine before. HS’s Ukraine studio reported earlier about a Finnish soldier who was wounded in the leg in a battle in Ukraine. There is also a video of the situation, which was allegedly shot last fall in eastern Ukraine.

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HS told a year ago in his extensive article from Finnish About the crowdwho volunteered to fight in Ukraine.

Some of the Finnish fighters returned home according to HS information very soon after the outbreak of war.

It has also been claimed that there are Finns in the ranks of Wagner, a mercenary army fighting on the side of Russia. Wagner’s director Yevgeny Prigozhin argued to HS last Novemberthat there would have been twenty or so Finns in Wagner.

Protection police (supo) did not comment claim.

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