Russia The Russian security service arrested a Ukrainian diplomat in St. Petersburg

The FSB accuses a Ukrainian diplomat of attempting to obtain classified information. Ukraine called the arrest a provocation and intends to respond to it.

Russian security service FSB has arrested a Ukrainian diplomat in St. Petersburg Oleksandr Sosonjukin, news agencies and Russian media report.

According to the FSB, Sosonjuk tried to obtain classified information from a Russian citizen from state authorities, including FSB databases, the security service said on Saturday on its website.

Sosonjuk is the consul of the Consulate General of Ukraine in St. Petersburg. The FSB said it had captured Sosonjuk himself in an act of meeting with a Russian.

The FSB said it considered delivering an enemy to the Russian state and unsuitable for a diplomat. It intends to take action against the diplomat in accordance with international law.

Ukraine Deputy Foreign Minister Jevgeni Jenin called the arrest of his diplomat “another provocation” against Ukraine. He announced that Ukraine would take action on the case.

“In accordance with current practice and reciprocity, Ukraine is preparing a response related to Russian diplomats,” Jenin told the Russian news agency. Tassin by.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Russian authorities arrested Sosonjuk for several hours on Friday, but said he had already returned to the consulate.

Russia has arrested numerous Ukrainian citizens in recent years on suspicion of espionage, but the arrest of a diplomat is rare.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine have tightened in recent weeks as Russia has transferred its troops to the Ukrainian border and Ukraine has accused it of threatening war.

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