Russia The corona situation in Russia is deteriorating rapidly – new cases in Moscow broke the record for the entire pandemic

According to the latest official data released on Friday morning, 17,262 new infections were diagnosed across the country during the previous day.


In Russia the coronavirus situation continued to worsen rapidly on Friday. According to official statistics, the capital Moscow broke a daily record of new infections throughout the pandemic.

According to the latest official data released on Friday morning, 17,262 new infections were diagnosed across the country during the previous day. Of these, 9,056 were in Moscow, where, according to authorities, a “new, aggressive mutation” explains 90 percent of the new infections.

The number of infections is also rising in St. Petersburg, where matches of the European Football Championships are currently being played. 970 new infections were diagnosed there. Outpatient queues at the hospital have also been reported in St. Petersburg.

The deteriorating situation in Russia has been followed with concern in Finland, as the Finnish team has two games in St. Petersburg. Tickets for both this week’s Wednesday match and next week’s match had been sold to about four thousand Finns.

Daily however, the published official statistics have long been viewed with great caution, as the situation has in many places been clearly worse than the official figures. The official figure for deaths is also considerably lower than that of Statistics Finland.

However, those in power and state television channels have relied on these official figures. So the president Vladimir Putin praised Russia better than many other countries for its success in the early months. Also the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko assured from the beginning that the situation was developing in a favorable direction.

In Russia, most restrictions were lifted a year ago. Authorities have been reluctant to impose strict restrictions, as the closure measures imposed at the beginning of the pandemic last spring were unpopular.

The situation is therefore embarrassing for those in power, as they are reluctant to take tough action before the autumn Duma elections. They are being ousted from opposition candidates, but those in power still fear protest voting and low turnout.

In Russia the rate of vaccination has also been slow, although the vaccine has been available for months. The Russian leadership was the first to invest in the completion of its own vaccine and made a geopolitical competition.

However, the Russians have been reluctant to take the vaccine. In opinion polls, two out of three have indicated that they do not want the vaccine. Just over 12 percent of Russians have received even one peak.

The reluctance has been largely explained by a general suspicion of those in power and the authorities, as there have been only ten per cent of actual principled opponents of vaccination in opinion polls. Other reasons include people’s overly optimistic perception of the situation.

Now New restrictions have begun to be imposed in Moscow, although many of them are still mild by European standards.

However, new tightenings are coming all the time. On Friday, Moscow announced that routine procedures in hospitals and previously agreed non-urgent operations will be performed only on vaccinees, unless there is a medical reason for not vaccinating.

Authorities have also already announced in several areas that the vaccine will become mandatory for certain groups. However, it is unclear whether this is more of a disguised attempt to get people to take the vaccine.

At the same time, the trade in forged vaccination certificates is being reported from all over. In some places, it has also been possible to purchase an entry for vaccinations in official databases.



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