Russia Tensions fueled by US and NATO, Western false news is ridiculous – Russian media report worsening situation in eastern Ukraine

According to the Kremlin, “Kiev provocations” have intensified in recent days and the West has launched an open information attack on Russia.

Conflict escalation is the cause of Ukraine and the West, Russian troops are returning to their bases and no attack on Ukraine is coming. Such messages are told by the Russian media to its readers in the extremely tense situation in Ukraine.

On Thursday, Russia sent a letter to the United States criticizing the recipient’s weak will to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. The reply letter and related reactions were also the main news of the day in the Russian media.

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From Russia’s perspective, the United States is picking raisins from a bun and twisting the messages to suit its own goals, and is not interested in meeting Russia’s demands.

For example newspaper Kommersant has published a summary of the letter. The magazine added a paragraph to its headline stating that Russia would be “forced to react, including by military-technical means” if the United States does not agree to Russia’s demands.

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However, no attack on Ukraine is coming, Kommersant quotes the letter.

At the same time as the diplomatic knot around the crisis in Ukraine tightened, the president Vladimir Putin reported preliminary data on the state budget financial figures. Among other things, the news was reported news site RBK.

In eastern Ukraine reported grenade attacks and artillery fire on Thursday. OSCE observers say they have detected more than 500 explosions near the contact line, the news reported Interfax.

The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists have accused each other of exacerbating the situation. In the Russian media, sympathies are certainly on the side of the separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov according to “Kiev provocations” in the Donbass have intensified in recent days. However, he assured that the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is stable.

Among other things, Peskov’s statements were covered Tass. Peskov accused the West of an open information attack on Russia.

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“Tensions in Donbass are fueled by the United States and NATO countries supplying Ukraine with weapons and military training,” Ria Novostin in the news is told.

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Thursday that the Russian media has already begun spreading information about “false alarms”. According to Blinken, the Russian government can hold “theatrical emergency meetings” in the wake of the crisis.

Russian troops instead, leave Belarus “as always” after the military exercises, Ria Novosti quotes a spokesman for the Department of Defense Igor Konashenkovia.

According to the ministry, the joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus is now in its final stages. The exercise is reported to last until February 20th. Interfaxine Russian troops have also begun to return from the Crimea to their permanent bases from military exercises.

NATO and the United States said earlier this week that they have not seen a withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border.

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President of the United States Joe Biden said on Thursday that the likelihood of an attack by Russia looks “very high”.

“All indications are that they are preparing to go to Ukraine,” Biden said.

Russian RT writes on its English websitethat the Western media has lost its reputation with the “fake news reform of Ukraine”. The news refers to information disseminated by Western media about the dates of the Russian invasion.

“At least our audience just laughs at them,” Peskov said, according to RT.

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