Russia Sanctions crack on low-cost Russian airline: Pobeda decommissions 16 passengers to save spare parts

Aeroflot’s subsidiary will reduce its existing fleet to 25 aircraft to keep it safer for longer.

Russian low-cost airline Pobeda will shut down 16 of its 41 Boeing B-737-800s by the end of this year to cope with the effects of sanctions imposed by Western countries, Russian news agency Interfax told Reuters.

Pobeda, a subsidiary of the airline Aeroflot, will reduce its existing fleet to 25 aircraft to maintain its flight safety. The goal is to make the company’s spare parts for machines last longer.

Western countries Due to the sanctions imposed by Russia, Russian airlines do not receive spare parts from manufacturers for their Boeing and Airbus passenger aircraft.

Russia is approved the lawwhich can nationalize the foreign leasing machines of Russian companies.

However, doubts have been expressed in the past about how long the seized machines can be kept safely in flight without the manufacturer’s spare parts.

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