Russia Russia’s ruling party proposes nationalization of Fazer’s, Valio’s and Paulig’s operations – “We will not tolerate stabbing in the back”

A high-ranking party official in a united Russia is demanding the nationalization of companies fleeing Russia. He uses three Finnish companies as examples.

Russian Russia, the ruling party, suggests that the country should nationalize the activities of companies that withdrew from Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

Secretary of the Party General Council Andrei Turtshak In a statement published on Monday, the party ‘s website refers to three Finnish food companies: Fazer, Valio and Paulig.

Finnish companies have announced that they will close down their operations in Russia due to the war in Ukraine and the economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

“In all cases, the decision is purely political. The price is a large number of Russian workers who will be laid off overnight, ”Turtshak says in a statement.

According to the party official, the nationalization of operations withdrawing from Russia would protect jobs as well as Russia’s production potential. According to him, Russia must take strong retaliation.

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“This is an extreme measure, but we don’t tolerate stabbing in the back,” Turtshak says.

United Russia is the country’s ruling party, and it is supported by the president Vladimir Putinia and his policies.

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FazerinIn addition to Valio and Paulig, several Western companies have announced that they will either suspend exports and investments to Russia or completely close down their business in Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine nearly two weeks ago.

Withdrawals could lead to the dismissal of up to hundreds of thousands of Russians.

Fazer employs about 2,300 people at its bakeries in Moscow and St. Petersburg, about 400 at its Valio processed cheese factory near Moscow and about 200 at its Paulig coffee roastery in Tver.

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