Russia Russia’s coronary virus situation continues grim after the start of the European Championships – 40% more new cases than a week ago

The situation is most serious in Moscow, while in the football city of St. Petersburg, according to official data, the growth of infections is smaller.


Russian the coronavirus situation continued gloomy over the weekend. Released on Monday according to the latest official data 13,721 new infections had been diagnosed in the previous day.

The number was slightly lower than the previous day. It was still more than 40 percent higher than last Monday, when the number of infections detected began to rise. Before that, it was for a long time about 8,000 to 9,000 cases a day.

The new wave has already attracted attention abroad as well, as some of the matches of the ongoing European Football Championships are played in St. Petersburg. A Russia-Finland match will also be played in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, for which the Finns have about 4,000 tickets.

The Finns have the same number of tickets for the second match to be played in St. Petersburg next week.

Officials according to statistics, the situation is most serious in Moscow, where about half of all cases have been reported. The number of infections detected in Moscow has more than doubled in a week.

In St. Petersburg, according to official statistics, growth has been clearly lower, at 865 on Monday. However, queues for ambulances were reported again at the hospital over the weekend at a hospital focusing on covid 19 patients.

Official daily reported national coronavirus figures have long been met with great caution. The authorities have still relied on them in their speeches, so the president Vladimir Putkin said once again since the beginning of the pandemic, Russia has fared much better than many others.

However, the pandemic has hit Russia hard. According to official coronavirus statistics, more than 126,000 people have died from the disease caused by the virus, but so-called over-mortality rates and data from the statistical institute Rosstat have reported a much harsher situation.

Disease situation however, the deterioration is clear, which has been reflected both in the message broadcast by state television channels and in the actions of local authorities.

Television has tried to encourage people to take the vaccine. Our own vaccine was a matter of great pride for the Russian leadership and has been aggressively marketed to the world. However, Russians have been skeptical about it, with opinion polls showing two out of three do not want the vaccine.

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The pace of vaccination has been slow. More than 12 percent of Russians have received at least one dose, less than 10 percent have received two doses. Rumors of making vaccination mandatory after the autumn Duma elections have intensified.

In Russia, therefore, the situation is different from that in many Western countries, as the vaccine has been available for months but is not desired. Thus, a significant proportion of those vaccinated have received both peaks.

Those in power however, have been reluctant to take austerity measures as the social exclusion declared last spring was unpopular.

Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin still declared new restrictions over the weekend. After Monday, the rest of the week was set as a “non-working week” and restaurants and bars, for example, have to close their doors at 11 p.m.

Also in St. Petersburg, the local government imposed austerity measures, most of which will take effect on Thursday, after the home game. They mainly concern restaurants and cinemas, but are still mild in Finnish. Food is banned in the football fan area, in addition to which fans must wear masks.



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