Russia | Russia’s business launch also obliges Western companies to help the authorities – The effects on Finnish companies are unclear

Information on the effects of the “partial” business launch announced by Vladimir Putin on Finnish companies operating in Russia is scarce.

to Russia the announced business launch may also affect Finnish companies still operating in the country.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday of last week a partial business launch.

The law on business launch charges companies to help the country’s authorities in the implementation of business launch. The obligation applies to all companies, i.e. Finnish and other Western companies operating there as well.

In practice, companies must provide information about their personnel to the authorities responsible for recruitment.

According to media information leaked from Russia, the country’s business launch has started fighting.

There is uncertainty among the citizens as to who will be called to the line in the end. In principle, 300,000 people under the age of 35 with combat experience who have recently served in the army should be called up for service, but according to media reports even 50-year-olds have received invitation letters.

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Also less than a week after its announcement, information on the effects of the business launch on Finnish companies is scarce.

CEO of the East Office representing large Finnish companies in Russia and Ukraine Lauri Veijalainen says that the company has no information that the companies it represents have been asked to help the Russian authorities.

Energy company Fortum and tire manufacturer Nokian Renkaat still operate in Russia. Both companies have announced that they will withdraw from Russia, but they are still stuck in Russia for one reason or another.

Fortum and its German subsidiary Uniper employ a total of 7,000 workers in their power plants in Russia.

Nokian Tires, on the other hand, has a large tire factory near St. Petersburg. The company has more than 1,600 employees in the country.

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