Russia Russian Prison Agency: Opposition politician Alexei Navalnyi transferred to penitentiary hospital

According to the Prison Agency, an opposition politician on hunger strike has agreed to take vitamin supplements.

Russian the prison office reports that an opposition politician on hunger strike Alexei Navalnyi transferred to a penitentiary hospital. According to the agency, Navalny’s health status is “satisfactory”. Authorities say Navalnyi has agreed to take vitamin supplements as part of hospital treatment.

Navalnyi has been on hunger strike for more than two weeks and has demanded proper medical treatment for back pain as well as limb numbness.

I was the most personal doctor Anastasia Vasiljeva said on Saturday that Navalnyita is threatened with cardiac arrest because his blood potassium level has reached a critical level.

On Monday afternoon, Navalny’s lawyers were scheduled to get to see him.

Navalnyi was arrested in January when he returned to Russia from Germany, where he received treatment after a poisoning last summer. In February, he received about two and a half years in prison, when the old embezzlement sentence was absolute. The verdict has been considered politically motivated.

Navalnyi is sitting in the Pokrov penal colony, known for his severe imprisonment, more than a hundred kilometers from Moscow.

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