Russia Russia issued an arrest warrant for Navalny’s aide residing in Lithuania

Volkov is accused of urging minors to take part in illegal demonstrations.

In Russia the court has issued an arrest warrant for an opposition activist Alexei Navalnyin close assistant Leonid Volkovista. He has now been wanted in Russia and several other former Soviet republics.

According to the Russian Committee of Inquiry, Volkov is accused of inciting minors to take part in illegal demonstrations. Volkov currently resides and works as an EU country in Lithuania.

Inciting protesters under the age of 18 can result in up to three years in Russia.

Volkov has said he will continue to work normally despite the arrest warrant. In a video conference with representatives of the EU and other Western countries, he called on the EU to impose personal sanctions on the Russian leadership.

Russia has branded Volkov a traitor because of sanctions.

Navalnyi got about a little over two and a half years’ imprisonment after returning from Germany to Russia when his previous conditional sentence was converted to absolute.


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