Russia Russia insists NATO will not admit new members and stay out of Eastern Europe – proposes talks with US “even tomorrow”

Russia unexpectedly released its draft security guarantees from NATO on Friday.

Russia on Friday released its proposals for new security guarantees with the United States and the military alliance NATO, news agencies AFP and Reuters reported.

Russia wants assurances from NATO that it will not expand, that Ukraine will not be granted membership and that weapons systems, such as missile systems, or other NATO activities will not be brought to Eastern Europe or the Caucasus.

At the same time, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Riabkov Russia said it was ready to negotiate guarantees with the United States as soon as possible.

“We are ready to negotiate with the United States in a third country right away, even tomorrow – literally tomorrow, Saturday,” he said.

Russia proposes Geneva as a venue for negotiations.

Draft agreements the publication is a rare attraction in international politics.

The background is the tightening of relations between Russia and the West due to the situation in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian and US authorities, Russia has brought up to 90,000 troops to the vicinity of the Ukrainian border and is planning an attack. Russia denies this.

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin accuses NATO of tightening the gap and has called for “guarantees” that the military alliance will not expand east. According to Riabkov, Russia no longer intends to tolerate the current situation, but demands an urgent counter-proposal from the United States on its drafts.

Professor of Russian Politics at King’s College London Sam Greene estimates on Twitter on Twitter that Russia ‘s exit is not an agreement but a declaration.

Russia proposes in the draft agreements the establishment of a direct telephone connection between Moscow and NATO for possible emergencies in the Baltics and Ukraine.

Russia also wants to influence the location of NATO military exercises and wants information about the exercises in advance.

United States responded to Russia’s demands on Friday, saying it would not agree to negotiate without its allies.

“No negotiations on European security will take place without European allies and partners,” said a White House spokesman. Jen Psaki.

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“We are not flexible with basic principles such as that all states have the right to decide on their own future and foreign policy.”

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