Russia Russia denies insulting war veterans under threat of imprisonment

Opposition politician Alexei Navalnyi was fined last month for defeating a veteran of war.

Russia denies insults to war veterans under threat of imprisonment, according to Reuters and russian media.

On Wednesday, the Duma passed a law in the third or decisive reading that prohibits insulting veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Second World War.

Offenders can receive a fine of up to five million rubles (more than 55,000 euros) or a five-year prison sentence.

Law is topical in Russia as an opposition politician Alexei Navalnyi was fined about 9,000 euros in February for insulting the honor of a 95-year-old World War II veteran.

The verdict relates to a video published by Navalny in which he called supporters of the Russian regime among other traitors. The veteran, on the other hand, appeared in a video in support of the constitutional amendment.

With the constitutional amendment, the president Vladimir Putin may be in power until 2036. Navalnyi has considered his defamation charge political.

New the law equates the defamation of veterans with the “rehabilitation” of Nazism, that is, the restoration of reputation. A law banning the rehabilitation of Nazism came into force in Russia in May 2014 after the conquest of Crimea.

The Russian Duma announced on Wednesday that it would also tighten penalties for it. Such a crime can now result in a fine of up to three million rubles, or more than 30,000 euros, or up to three years in prison.

The law will come into force once it has been approved by the upper house of the Russian parliament and Putin has signed the law.

The Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II is celebrated in Russia every year on Victory Day, May 9, which is a national holiday.

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