Russia reimposes strict restrictions to curb the spread of Corona

A nurse treats a patient with coronavirus in Moscow

Russia announced today, Thursday, the re-imposition of strict restrictions in order to curb the outbreak of the new Corona virus, while infections and deaths continue to set records.
The authorities said that they will close all non-essential stores in the capital, Moscow, from October 28 to November 7, as part of measures aimed at curbing the outbreak of the new Corona virus.
The decision, which will last 11 days, was announced by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin after President Vladimir Putin ordered a week of paid leave nationwide at the end of the month, to curb the rapid spread of infection.
Sobyanin said all non-essential shops and sports and entertainment facilities should be closed temporarily. Places selling food, medicine and other necessary things will remain open. Restaurants and cafes will be able to provide food delivery service for customers to carry with them, according to a statement by the mayor.
Public events will be banned and schools closed, as holidays coincide with the national school holiday.
Theaters and museums can remain open during this period, but only if visitors show a health certificate.
Sobyanin said the measures were necessary because “the situation in Moscow continues to evolve according to the worst-case scenario.”
Officials announced this week that the virus is spreading at its fastest pace, and Russia recorded 36,339 new cases of the virus today, Thursday, and 1,036 deaths from Covid, but officials warned that the worst was yet to come.
Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova said hospitalization rates had tripled in a month, attributing this to the mutant “Delta”.
Outside Moscow, Russian regions are also feeling the pressure.
And the authorities in the Vladimir region, east of Moscow, said that “virtually no beds are available” in the intensive care unit for Corona patients.
Russia is facing the worst wave of the epidemic since the pandemic began, and Thursday recorded a new record of daily deaths, bringing the official death toll from Covid to 227,389.

Source: AFP


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