Russia Peter wants to open the doors to vaccine tourism from abroad

The target group would initially be Russians living abroad and Russian foreign family members. The city has already received inquiries from Germany, among others.

Peter wants to start receiving coronary vaccine tourists from abroad, says a man from St. Petersburg Fontanka news site.

Vaccination trips would be arranged first for Russians living abroad and then for Russian foreign family members.

St. Petersburg Director of the City Tourism Promotion Committee Sergei Korneev said the city is seeking to open up vaccine tourism to larger masses as well.

“Foreigners have been very interested. We have received inquiries from Mexico, Germany and countries in Asia and Latin America, ”Kornejev told Fontanka.

The St. Petersburg city administration is currently negotiating the organization of vaccine tourism with the Russian federal authorities dealing with coronavirus cases. Korneev said St. Petersburg was waiting for a decision from state authorities.

Kornejevin According to St. Petersburg, together with Rossotrudnichestvo, a unit of the Russian Foreign Ministry, St. Petersburg has already organized an information campaign welcoming Russians living abroad for vaccinations in St. Petersburg.

State officials have reminded St. Petersburgers that vaccinating local residents is a priority, but Korneev is hopeful.

“Vaccinations go very actively,” he points out.

Abundant more than 570,000 city dwellers in St. Petersburg, with a population of five million, had been vaccinated by Monday, of which nearly 439,000 had received both doses, RBK.

St. Petersburgers have been vaccinated with two Russian vaccines: Sputnik V and EpiVakKorona. There have been enough vaccines in Russia, but citizens have been reluctant to take them.

There has been a shortage of vaccines in European countries. German Deutsche Wellen according to him, people have already been flown from Germany to Moscow for vaccination.

Russia continues to restrict travel from abroad due to the pandemic.

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