Russia | NY Times: US believes Ukrainians killed Daria Dugina with car bomb

The Americans are said to have taught Ukraine a lesson about the attack, which the US says was a bad idea. The murdered Daria Dugina is the daughter of a nationalist called “Putin’s brain”.

of the United States intelligence agencies believe that an entity in the Ukrainian government authorized the August car bombing near Moscow. The journalist died in the attack Daria Duginawhose father is a Russian nationalist ideologue called “Putin’s brain”. Aleksandr DuginThe New York Times magazine says.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the United States was not aware of the attack in advance, but would have opposed it if the project had become known to the Americans. The United States has feared that an attack near the Russian capital could escalate the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The US authorities are said to have trained the Ukrainians on the attack. In the United States and Russia, it is believed that the real target of the car bombing was father Dug, or both father and daughter.

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Russian news agency According to Tassi, before the August 20 attack in the village of Bolšie Vjazemy, Dugina and her father were together at a music festival and were supposed to travel in the same car. However, Dugin changed his mind at the last moment and was not in the car that exploded.

The officials who spoke to The New York Times did not say which part of the Ukrainian government the United States suspects of the bombing and whether, for example, the president Volodymyr Zelenskyi authorized the strike.

Advisor to Zelenskyi Mikhail Podolyak again denied that Ukraine was responsible for the attack. He told the newspaper that Ukraine does not consider Dugina a person who would be of interest to Ukraine from the point of view of war goals.

People brought candles to a place honoring the memory of Daria Dugina in Moscow in August.

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Aleksandr Dugin60, is a well-known philosopher and far-right politicianwhich has been considered the president of Russia Vladimir Putin as an ideological inspirer. Dugin has also been called “Putin’s Rasputin”, although according to some estimates, his importance may have been exaggerated.

Dugin was fired from Moscow State University’s Department of Sociology of International Relations in 2014 after he called for the killing of all Ukrainians.

“Kill, kill, kill them. No more negotiations should be held. As a professor, this is my opinion,” Dugin said at the time.

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