Russia News site: The Kremlin is considering joining parts of Ukraine to the state union between Russia and Belarus

Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria are also planned, according to sources on the Octagon website, which is the heir to the discontinued quality weekly.

Russian The presidential administration is currently considering strengthening and expanding the state union between Russia and Belarus, according to a Russian news site. According to it, the plans are part of Ukraine’s domestic policy-guiding policy, which has not yet been decided.

The news site is headquartered in Yekaterinburg Octagon, which was founded in 2017 in the ruins of Russki Reporter, a quality weekly that has ceased to be a regular publication. The octagon defines itself as “moderately conservative”.

According to sources on the site, local elections in 14 regions next September are scheduled to be postponed due to the “special operation” in Ukraine and its possible consequences. In the September elections, a new governor of the Republic of Karelia should be elected.

About regional governments according to information gathered, the Kremlin has already ordered all personnel exchanges in the area to be frozen due to the crisis, the site says. Further plans include combining regional elections with parliamentary elections for Russia and the Belarusian state union.

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At present, the federation does not have its own parliament, but a 36-member parliamentary assembly, to which the parliaments of both countries appoint their representatives.

The new model would include the “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk, which the Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized as independent states before the invasion of Ukraine, as well as possibly other “states” detached from Ukraine. In addition, there are plans for South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which belong to Georgia but are recognized by Russia, and Transnistria, which was similarly separated from Moldova twenty years ago, but whose independence has not been recognized by Russia.

Thought the postponement of the autumn regional elections may indicate that Russia does not believe in a speedy resolution of the situation in Ukraine, or that the Kremlin intends to continue its aggressive foreign policy in one way or another. For example, summoning reservists to arms could be ahead.

On the other hand, elections could also be postponed due to popular dissatisfaction with sanctions.

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“Organizing elections in the context of a general mobilization is not the best option for those in power,” said the politician and political scientist. Konstantin Kalachov To the octagon. In addition to his colorful political career, he served in the ruling party in the United Russia administration and was involved in preparing for the 2018 presidential election.

“The store shelves are getting empty all the time and the situation can change quickly if anything else,” Kalachov ponders. “The ruble is weakening, prices are rising and sales of some products are already restricted. This situation could attract some candidates to take a stand against the general line. “

According to Kalachov, the authorities are unlikely to consider the elections necessary in a situation where local demands are secondary and the governors’ primary task is to mobilize.

St. Petersburg political scientist and political consultant Leonid Davydov for his part, he suspects in the Octagon interview that no domestic policy decisions have been made.

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“Everything about domestic policy change is so far in the same fog,” Davydov says. “No decisions have been made to postpone the election. Those who claim such a thing take quite a front seat. All efforts have been focused on resolving the current situation. ”

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