Russia More than 50 warships are flying off St. Petersburg as Russia prepares for a large naval parade – Iran’s 230-meter Makran and 95-meter Sahand arrived in Kronstadt in the morning

Iranian ships have made long voyages around Africa. The U.S. warned in the spring that ships would land in Venezuela or Cuba because the Pentagon suspected Iran was supplying weapons to Venezuela.

Danish in the straits on Thursday observed two Iranian warships arrived in Kronstadt off St. Petersburg on Saturday morning.

The vessels will participate in Russia’s annual naval parade, which will be held on Sunday in the Nevajoki and Kronstadt. Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali confirmed the arrival of the ships to the Iranian news agency Irnalle.

The Iranian ships participating in the parade are the 230-meter support ship Makran and the 95-meter frigate Sahand. Iran’s largest warship, the Makran, is a former tanker that Iran converted for military use and landed in the waters when renovated last November. The ship has a helipad and is equipped with medium- and long-range missiles.

The macro was filmed in early May before a long voyage in the Gulf. At the time, its deck had seven sunken boats that Iran has used, among other things, in its ship-hijacking operations in the region.

The Sahand, on the other hand, is a warship completed in 2012, equipped with reconnaissance electronics, naval missiles and torpedoes.

Iran ships have made long voyages around Africa without port calls. Makran has acted as a maintenance and refueling vessel for Sahand.

Already in the spring, the United States warned the duo to land in Venezuela or Cuba because the U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon suspected Iran was supplying weapons to Venezuela.

News channel CNN’s according to the experts interviewed, the twin ship would have changed its plans and decided to sail to St. Petersburg because of a threat from the United States. No evidence has been presented to support the claim, so the Russian navy may have been the original destination of the voyage. Admittedly, however, it remains unclear in this case why it did not sail into the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal.

Russian the Navy Day parade will be held on Sunday, and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin according to Russian press reports, follows the parade as usual on the spot.

The man photographed Russian warships in Sevastopol on July 23, 2021.

In Neva and Kronstadt, a total of more than 50 warships fly from the northern Russian fleet and from the Baltic and Pacific fleets.

The Russian General Staff had previously confirmed Sahand’s participation in the parade, but it did not mention the arrival of Makran.

In addition to Iran, the guests this year are also the enemy India and Pakistan, both of whom have sent one ship to the scene. The Pakistani frigate Zulfigar has sailed from its home port of Karachi and is armed with both naval and anti-aircraft missiles. Ship design is a Chinese job.

The frigate Tabar, equipped with two missile systems from India, is on its way home in a way, as the ship carrying its home port in Mumbai was completed in 2004 from the Kaliningrad shipyard.

Large Russian-built ships of the Northern Navy, missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and fighter Vitse-Admiral Kulakov sailed at the bow of the Russian armada.

Parhaille only in the previous years, only invited guests have been qualified for the parade observation venues near the Winter Palace.

This time, the chances of the townspeople to follow the parade are even worse due to the coronavirus epidemic: the people are urged to watch the events on television, says the St. Petersburg news site Fontanka.

According to Fontanka, only 750 invited guests will be allowed to watch the parade in Kronstadt this time.



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