Russia More people arrested in Navalny’s protests than ever before in modern Russian history, Interior Ministry said it was investigating police action

More than 3,300 people were arrested during the protests by opposition politician Alexei Navalny, some of them violently. In St. Petersburg, the Interior Ministry has launched an investigation into the assault of a woman over the age of 50 who was hospitalized.

In Russia opposition politician Alexei Navalnyin more people were arrested during the protests on Saturday than ever before in the history of modern Russia, the news agency AFP estimated.

A total of more than 3,300 people were arrested by police. The highest number of arrests took place on marches in the largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, which gathered tens of thousands of people. Police in Moscow caught more than 1,200 people and in St. Petersburg nearly 500, according to statistics OVD info.

Police used harsh extracts against protesters in places. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, a large number of people received various injuries during the protests.

In Moscow, police arrested more than 1,300 people on Saturday.­

In the video, a clash of police and protesters on Strastnoy Boulevard in Moscow looks like an uncontrollable gang fight where all means are allowed. Police have also been reported to have beaten protesters on a bump in the buses to which the arrested people have been transported.

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In St. Petersburg Russia’s Interior Ministry announced Saturday night on its website to open an investigation into a case in which a 54-year-old woman was hospitalized in the hospital after being kicked in the stomach by police. Fontanka from St. Petersburg published a video of the situation on its website, after which the Ministry of the Interior announced that it was investigating the activities of the authority.

A woman from St. Petersburg had tried to stop three Omon troops who had met on Ploshad Vosstanija on Saturday night and asked them why they were so rarely retouching the young man.

“What are you doing? You are against the people. These are your children, ”he had said, according to Fontanka.

In response, one of the cops kicked the woman in the stomach. He fell and hit his head on the asphalt. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he has been diagnosed with at least a concussion and a head injury.

According to Russian media, the woman’s condition has deteriorated on Saturday morning and she is in an unconscious state in intensive care.

Russian the committee of inquiry has filed criminal charges against the protesters for, among other things, assault on the authorities, hooliganism and damage to property.

Protesters marched on Saturday not only for Navalny and his release but also for their general dissatisfaction and the president Against Vladimir Putin.

Police arrested nearly 500 protesters in St. Petersburg on Saturday.­

Riot police and protesters confronted in St. Petersburg on Saturday.­

Police and protesters raged in Moscow on Saturday.­


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