Russia Lyubov Sobol, a key supporter of Alexei Navalny, an opposition activist convicted of movement restrictions, has left Russia

According to sources, Lyubov Sobol flew to Turkey on Saturday night.

Inside to be a Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalnyin key supporter Ljubov Sobol has left Russia days after he was convicted of violating corona regulations and his movement was severely restricted.

According to the news agency Reuters, Russian RT and REN-TV channels reported the matter, citing their sources.

Sobol had not been imprisoned, but he would not have been allowed to leave his home between the afternoon and dawn and not attend rallies, among other things. Nor should he have left Moscow.

Sources according to Sobol flew to Turkey on Saturday night.

According to AFP, he was not reached for comment. His allies also refused to speak for him.

Sobol, 33, is one of Navalny’s best-known supporters. He had remained in Moscow when other close political allies fled the charges before the September parliamentary elections.

Sobol intended to run in the Duma elections in September.



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