Russia Lawyer: Navalni’s condition deteriorates, “it’s hard for him to get up to sit while talking”

“He is very weak. It is hard for him to get up to sit while he talks. ”

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalnyi must be transferred from the penitentiary hospital to a civilian hospital in Moscow, demanded by his lawyer. According to them, Navalnyi does not receive treatment in a prison hospital.

“He is very weak. It’s hard for him to get up to sit while talking, ”said Navalny’s lawyer Olga Mihailova suppliers.

Navalnyi has been on hunger strike for nearly three weeks to get better medical care. Navalny’s own doctor warned over the weekend that an opposition politician could die at any time.

Navalnyi was arrested in January as soon as he returned from Germany to Russia after recovering from a poison attack. Navalnyi blames the attack on the president Vladimir Putinia, but the Russian administration has denied the allegations.

In February Navalnyi received about two and a half years in prison, when the old embezzlement sentence was absolute.

Both the EU and the United States have imposed sanctions on Russia over a toxic attack. On Monday, Russia was threatened with further action if Navalnyi dies.

Navalnyi is sitting in the Pokrov penal colony, known for his severe imprisonment, more than a hundred kilometers from Moscow.

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