Russia “Ice storm” caused emergency in Vladivostok, Russia, power outages for nearly 170,000 residents

The collision of cold and hot air mass in a snowstorm caused extensive damage.

Snowstorm turned into an “ice storm” on the night between Thursday and Friday in the Primorsk region near the Pacific in the Russian Far East. The worst devastation was experienced in and around Vladivostok, with a population of 600,000.

On Friday night, electricity was cut across the area from 168,000 residents and the regional government declared a state of emergency, says the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC’s Russian language service.

The storm continued throughout Friday, with daily snowfall exceeding the normal one-and-a-half month rainfall, the news agency reported. Interfax.

The storm had toppled a tree on a car in Vladivostok, Russia.­

Exceptional the weather phenomenon was born by a local meteorologist Boris Kubain according to Thursday night, when a hot hurricane from the sea hit the cold air front, news agency AFP reports. Trees, roads, electrical poles, and buildings were immediately covered in a thick layer of ice as moisture condensed on the surfaces.

In Vladivostok, heat distribution was cut off and no water was available to all areas. Tram and cable bus traffic was completely interrupted and the roads were full of fallen trees. The car crashed downtown when an ice-covered concrete balcony fell on top of it.

According to local authorities, it will take at least days to repair the damage. By Saturday, the area was promising sun and a little frost.

The power line was covered with an ice sheet in Vladivostok, Russia.­


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