Russia hopes to work with Biden on the “New START” nuclear agreement

The headquarters of the Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia announced today, Wednesday, that it hopes to work with the administration of the new US President, Joe Biden, to reach an agreement to extend the New Start agreement to limit the nuclear arsenal.
The agreement will expire on February 5.
“We hope that the new administration will show a more constructive attitude towards dialogue with us,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published minutes after Biden’s inauguration, regarding the extension of the New START agreement that limits the nuclear arsenals of the two countries.
“The previous administration launched an organized and deliberate campaign aimed at destroying agreements in the field of arms control,” the State Department added, accusing the Trump administration of seeking to lift restrictions with the intention of allowing Washington to “increase … and use its military power without oversight.”
She affirmed that “on our part, we have been and still support an extension of the New START Treaty,” noting that Russia is ready to work on that “based on the principle of equality and respect for common interests.”
Signed “New Start” in 2010 in the Czech capital Prague is the last major arms control agreement still in place between the two former Cold War rivals.
The treaty limits the nuclear arsenals of the two powers to a maximum of 1,550 warheads that are allowed to be deployed to each of them, which is 30% less than the maximum set in 2002.

Source: Agencies


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