Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov does not believe that Finland and Sweden will apply for NATO membership, but assures Russia that they will respect their sovereignty – Interpreted press conference underway

At the end of the “diplomacy super week”, Lavrov claimed at a press conference that NATO would encourage Finland to join.


Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed at its annual press conference in Moscow on Friday that Russia respects the sovereignty of Finland and Sweden.

“We believe that the policy of neutrality in these countries is one of the most important investments in a common European architecture and stability on the European continent,” Lavrov said.

At the same time, he argued that sovereignty is not respected by those who “incite” NATO.

“Those who do not respect the sovereignty of Finland and Sweden are those who try by any means to encourage them to join. This started a long time ago. ”

Lavrovin According to Finland, Sweden and Sweden have been actively encouraged to join NATO.

“Self [Naton pääsihteeri Jens] Stoltenberg has called on Stockholm and Helsinki to begin the process of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, stating that it will be swift and painless. “

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Lavrov reiterated that Finland and Sweden will, of course, decide for themselves. He said he often addresses the issue when discussing international issues with his neighbors.

Lavrov seemed to believe that, despite the heated debate, NATO membership was not relevant for Finland and Sweden.

“We see that the Finnish and Swedish leadership understand all aspects of this. We have reason to believe that the contribution of neutral states to European security is not declining. ”

Lavrov’s press conference began on Friday at 10 a.m. Finnish time and is still ongoing. Lavrov will talk about the results of the work of the Russian Foreign Ministry last year and answer questions from journalists.

HS will present the press conference live and simultaneously translated into English.

Some of the media will attend the event on site in Moscow and some remotely in Zoom. The number of participants present has been limited due to the corona pandemic.

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