Russia Father tortured three daughters for years, now Russian siblings are charged with murdering their father

sMoskovan the city court on Friday began dealing extensively with a stirring case in which two young sisters are accused of murdering their father. For years, the father had beaten, subjugated, and sexually abused his daughter.

Krestina, Angelina and Maria Hatchaturjan killed his father in July 2018 Mikhail Hatchaturjan. At the time of the incident, the siblings were 19, 18, and 17 years old.

The start of the trial was announced by, among others, a Moscow radio station Eho Moskvy.

On Friday the trial, which begins, deals with the murder charges of two older siblings, Krestina and Angelina. The trial of the youngest Maria Hatchaturian is held separately because she was a minor at the time of the act.

Women’s lawyers have said in their defense speeches that the father’s murder was an emergency guard and the siblings should not be convicted of the murder.

Mikhail Hatchaturjan had murdered his daughters from a messy apartment and sprayed pepper spray in their eyes. Krestina, who had asthma, had fainted. After his father fell asleep, the sisters stabbed him numerous times with a knife around his neck and chest and beat him with a hammer.

American CNN the leaked investigation documents revealed that the women tried to make incisions for themselves after the murder to make the murder look like they had been attacked by their father first.

The next day, the women were arrested and confessed to the murder.

sibling lawyers have repeatedly defended women by saying that their father sexually abused and physically assaulted their daughters for years.

This week, Russian media reported that the Messenger Telegram had published messages from women about their father’s violent behavior.

In text messages, Mikhail Hatchaturjan often threatened to kill or rape his daughters. Russian LentaAccording to the site, the youngest of the siblings told a friend that the father threatened his family with a gun, harassed Angelina and constantly beaten the women of the family.

The interrogation records show that in the four years before the murder, women developed serious mental illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Angelina’s lawyer Alexei Parshin has explained that murder was a way for women to defend their lives. Otherwise, Dad could have killed them before long.

Russian Criminal Code according to Article the defense does not have to take place during the violence in order to be classified as emergency protection.

“If a person understands that it (violence) will inevitably continue, then he has the right to defend himself,” Parshin said in 2019 The BBC’s by.

The prosecutor’s office supported the defense’s view of a necessary emergency guard that would have mitigated the charges. Russian investigation Committee however, disagreed with the prosecution and refused to investigate the death in self-defense.

Khachaturian the two eldest of the sisters face punishment for deliberate murder under Russian criminal law. It is punishable by eight to twenty years in prison.

Maria Hatchaturja withdrew from the pre-trial hearing on 28 July.

The youngest of the siblings, Maria Hatchaturian, will face trial in August. In the course of the trial, the court will decide whether Maria Hatchaturian can be placed in involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.

The case of Hatchaturjan’s sisters raised the issue of a law reform that came into force in 2016 to reduce the punishment of domestic violence.

The sisters have received enormous public support, and an address calling for their charges to be dropped garnered more than 360,000 signatures.

Experts specializing in domestic violence and the sibling defense group say Russian law enforcement and the judiciary do not have adequate mechanisms to protect victims of domestic violence.

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