Russia EU: Russia withdraw troops from near Ukraine and allow doctors to visit Navalny

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell says the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is “very dangerous”.

European High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell says the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is “very dangerous”. He is urging Russia to withdraw its troops from the region, news agencies Reuters and AFP say.

EU foreign ministers will discuss the situation in Russia in a virtual meeting on Monday. There is also an opposition politician in the debate Alexei Navalnyin impaired health.

In a statement in Sunday, Borrell called on prison authorities to allow doctors chosen by Navalny to see the prisoner. According to Borrell, the EU holds Russia responsible for the condition of Navalny.

He also reiterated the EU’s demand that Russia should release Navalnyi, as the Union considers his verdict political.

United States warned over the weekend Russia on sanctions if Navalnyi dies in captivity.

According to doctors, due to the rapid deterioration of health, Navalnyis are at risk of cardiac arrest or renal failure. Doctors have warned that the heart of Navalny on hunger strike could stop and cause death at any moment.

I was the most personal doctor Anastasia Vasiljeva and three other doctors have asked the prison authorities for access to see Navalny.

On Monday, the Russian Prison Agency announced that Navalnyi would be transferred to the hospital. According to the agency, Navalny’s health status is “satisfactory”.

Alexei Navalnyi spoke at the trial via video link on 28 January.­

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